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My CB350F just after it's restoration
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Original 4into4 Exhaust Systems

I get many, many, many questions from this site on where to aquire original 4 into 4 exhaust systems. The second (lower left) exhaust has been discontinued by HONDA for a long time now, because the mold broke. Honda sees no sense in repairing it (thank you HONDA!). In 2001 HONDA discontinued the other three, and these are getting a rare find as well. A parts trader in the Netherlands has contacted a company to have them re-made, but he found out that this was much too expensive. If you haven't called your local Honda dealer, try it. If you have, that may be the end. You could try David Silver Spares in the UK. They have a website. If he can't provide them, nobody can.

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I am setting up a register for 350F's. The purpose of this is trying to document as much history as I can about these bikes. If you feel happy to help me, please fill out the form here. I will not publish this information, unless you tag the concerning box.

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